What is a Pikler Triangle?

A Pikler Triangle is a climbing frame for toddlers and young children. At Moon Kids we say that a Pikler Triangle is most suited for children up to the age of 5, but we know a lot of bigger kids who enjoy it too.

You can start out with a smaller pikler triangle and as your child develops, then add accessories, such as the slide, ramp and box for more chellenging configurations.  Or you can go all out and start with our large adjustable pikler triangle set that comes with a ramp, slide and a tunnel box.

What is a pikler triangle

Where did the Pikler Triangle come from?

It was first designed by Emi Pikler a Hungarian pediatrician 100+ years ago to develop children’s gross motor skills as well as help them learn balance, confidence, mobility, and muscle development. Babies from the age of 8 months can use the rungs to pull themselves up learning to stand progressing as they grow to mastering the Pikler Triangle by climbing to the top of it. Older children will incorporate the play frame into imaginative play and roleplay through dressing it up and turning it into a fort or den as well as using it as a climbing frame. It is the perfect development and play toy for your child.

Looking to buy a Pikler Triangle in Dubai?

There are many places that you can buy a Pikler Triangle in Dubai, but why are Moon Kids Home your best choice? We care. We are parents too and therefore we make all our Pikler Triangles with the utmost of care to make them perfect for you and your family to enjoy. We care about your order and your family. We want to make sure that order arrives in time for your little ones birthday. You can actually speak to us on the phone, by whatsapp or even email if you prefer. We make our Pikler Triangles to order so if you want something a little bit different, we can absolutely do that. Just get in touch with us. We are a fully licensed company servicing the whole of the United Arab Emirates, not just Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Moon Kids Pikler Triangles have been tested by adults and hold loads of up to 100 kg, however, for safety reasons, we recommend using it with a maximum load of 50 kg. And always remember – please do not leave you children unattended around the Pikler Triangle climbing frame.

  • Pikler Triangle

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  • New

    Foldable Pikler Triangle Set

    AED 800.00 (ex. VAT)
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  • Slide

    AED 220.00 (ex. VAT)
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  • Pikler Triangle with Two Ramps

    AED 915.00 (ex. VAT)
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