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Amanda’s Play Platform

Our outdoor physical play structure has a platform, narrow spacing monkey bars, wide-spacing monkey bar, climbing net, swings x 2, gymnastic rings & knotted climbing rope, climbing ladder!

AED 11,350.00 (ex. VAT)

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What’s Included:
1) Narrow Spacing Monkey bars.
2) Wide Spacing Monkey bars.
3) Climbing net.
6) 2 x Flat Swing.
7) Gymnastic rings.
8) Knotted climbing rope.
9) Climbing ladder.

Product Details

Size: L 600CM X H 350CM

Age Group: 4.5 years +

Product Colour: Natural Wood

Material: Steel, Moisture Proof Board, Fibre Glass, Composite & HDPE

Finish: Natural Wood Laminate

Product Description & Key Features

What is it? – It is an outdoor physical play structure.

Key Features – It is specifically designed to offer a challenging and exhilarating physical experience for children aged 4.5 years and above (Adults can use the monkey bars for pull-ups and resistance bands training). It is an ideal addition to your outdoor play area, which enables your children to discover and practice their balance, confidence, great eye – feet - hand coordination, builds strength, understanding of depth perception, and muscle development.
1) Narrow Spacing Monkey bars.
2) Wide Spacing Monkey bar.
3) Climbing net.
4) 2 x Flat Swing.
5) Gymnastic rings.
6) Knotted climbing rope.
7) Climbing ladder.


    • Safety Features - The edges and corners have all been rounded for your child’s safety
    • Recommended Age group – 4.5 years +
    • What material is it made from? It’s made from child-friendly grips, Steel posts, Moisture-Proof MDF side panels painted with a wood rings pattern, and Fiber Glass for slide. The equipment has been spray-painted & powder coated with a Heat Resistant paint.
    • Where can this product be used? - This climbing frame has been designed for outdoor and indoor use.
    • Maintenance: Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt, sand, dust. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals or jet wash.
    • Please do not leave your child unattended – Adult supervision is required.
    • If installed on top of grass/sand footings are required.


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